1043-QMSD-7400 Rev 9.0

ATS Precision

Vendor Purchase Order Requirements



NOTE: These conditions are based on the Aerospace Quality Standard AS9100:2016


ATS shall communicate to its supplier the requirements for:


VPOR-A)       Flow Down requirements, ATS shall include relevant technical data such, but not limited to specifications, drawings, process requirements, and work instructions.


NOTE:             Document Order of Precedence

In the event there is a conflict in a governing document, the order of precedence shall be:

1)   Text of the Purchase Order

2)   Drawing's referenced on the purchase order

3)   Documents or specifications referenced on the drawing.


VPOR-B)       1 – Customer Approved Sources of products and services. If the contracted supplier is a customer-approved source, the supplier shall identify the expiration date of the source’s approval in the certification of conformance.  Any changes in a supplier’s certification status, such as a loss of certification or change in scope, shall be reported immediately to ATS Precision and processing stopped on any jobs until written approval is supplied by ATS Precision.


2 - Supplier Special Process Approval of methods, processes, and equipment, if the contracted supplier is performing a certified special process, shall have a process in place for the proper qualification, methods, processes, equipment Any changes in a supplier’s certification status, such as a loss of certification or change in scope, shall be reported immediately to ATS Precision and processing stopped on any jobs until written approval is supplied by ATS Precision.


3 - Guarantee of Quality through the release of products and services.  Unless other options are agreed to by ATS Precision, suppliers are required to provide evidence of the materials conformance to requirements through the issuance of a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) and materials used Chemical and Physical Test Reports, including NDT and process certs, which will be sent with the purchased item.  This paperwork will be located within the container of parts, located as to not be severed upon opening in the top or front of package.  At a minimum, the C of C will be identified with the following information:  

·         suppliers name

·         traceability identifier used by supplier for material traceability such as lot #, batch #, or      heat #

·         amount / quantity   

·         any required hazardous material labeling

·         conformance statement as to completeness

·         ATS’s purchase order number, part number and revision, when applicable

·         An authorized signature and this name also have to be typed or printed.


VPOR-C)       ATS supplier shall control and review employee competence including any required qualification/certification of employees, especially those who are performing special processes that mandate the use and control of certified personnel.


VPOR-D)       All correspondence and official interactions shall be conducted through either Purchase Order Nomenclature or via written script by either Fax or Email conduits.


VPOR-E)       ATS’s control and monitoring of the supplier approval status is provided upon review of submitted Supplier Survey and maintained per ATS supplier rating process.


VPOR-F)        Verification or validation of conformance of product or processes, can be completed by ATS Precision or its customer through inspection, internal or laboratory review, testing or inspection as deemed necessary by its customer’s quality organization or standard.           


VPOR-G)       Design and Development Control, product or service provided by an ATS supplier where the supplier is the design authority.  The supplier shall maintain an adequate management system to control any changes that could affect, intended or otherwise, the design, development or functional use of said product or process.


VPOR-H)       Special requirements, critical items “Key Characteristics”,  purchase order requirements, drawings, industry specification/standard including their revision shall be  identified and adhered to prior to submittal by ATS supplier.


NOTE: Standard/Specification Flow-down - All applicable specifications not identified with a revision shall be to the latest revision as published on our web site www.atsprecision.com/specificationrevisionlist.xlsx


VPOR-I)         ATS Precision reserves the right to test, inspect and verify product and/or production processes, by any standard aerospace practice as it deems necessary.


VPOR-J)        ATS Precision shall also utilize the use of statistical techniques and any other related instructions for product acceptance of supplier product, process, or services.


VPOR-K)       ATS mandates upon the contracted supplier the need to:

1-      Maintain Quality System Requirements - ATS suppliers shall minimally meet the requirements of a documented Industry Standard Quality Management System (i.e. AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, NADCAP, etc.)

2-      Sub-tier Approval – ATS Precision suppliers who out-source special processes to sub-tiers, SHALL only use customer approved sources as identified by purchase order, or if the print is a customer designed print or mandated by specification. If approved sources are not mandated per the purchase order/print or the specification, ATS Precision supplier SHALL use NADCAP approved sources to perform the special processes as required. 

3-      Non-Conforming Material: - Immediate notification to ATS Precision is mandatory upon the identification of suspect product previously supplied to ATS Precision.

a.       ATS Precision suppliers do NOT have Material Review Board authority; approval for non-compliant product shall be documented and submitted for approval to ATS Precision prior to shipment or disposal.

b.      ATS Precision reserves the right to return, at the supplier’s expense, any or all quantities of a lot received in which product has been identified as non-compliant to the purchase order requirements.

c.       All Corrective Actions (Product and Systematic in nature) shall be completed and submitted on or before the documented due date.

4-      FOE , FOD & CP – ATS Precision supplier shall have a documented FOE (Foreign Object Elimination), FOD (Foreign Object Detection) and CP (Counterfeit Part)procedure established and trained to ensure against corrosion, damage and/or contamination from foreign objects per NAS412 and counterfeit parts detection and prevention using SAE AS6174 as a guideline.

5-      Configuration Management - ATS supplier shall not make any changes in design, materials, processes, services, or location of facility that could affect the part without documented written permission from ATS Precision.

6-      Sub-tier External Provider Flow down – ATS Precision suppliers who utilize their own external suppliers shall flow down any and all requirements including ATS Customer Requirements as applicable.

7-      Design Approval - ATS suppliers shall provide test specimens (when applicable) for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing purposes as requested.

8-      Documented Information Retention - Documentation considered to  be a “Quality Record or Documented Information” as defined by AS9100 standard, including but not limited to documents that substantiates certification of product or services, shall be maintained on file for a minimum of ten (10) years after completion of the Purchase Order.  These records (i.e; material certifications, test coupons, manufacturing, inspection records, etc.) maybe subject to review and audit.  And shall only be disposed of per AS9100 requirements or ATS’s customer mandates. 

VPOR-L)       ATS Precision, its customer representatives and regulatory authorities shall have the right of access to all facilities, for potential verification or validation activities at the supplier’s premises and to review applicable quality records, involved in the order including all subcontractors or sub-tiers or any level of its supply chain.


VPOR-M)      ATS Supplier shall ensure that persons employed and performing functions considered to be integral to product conformity are aware of:

1.      Their contribution to product or service conformity

2.      Their contribution to product Safety

3.      The importance of Ethical Behavior

VPOR-N)       Traceability - ATS Precision supplier shall ensure traceability throughout manufacturing, inspection and testing processes, including traceability of materials to the heat or batch lot number.


VPOR-O)       Conflict Minerals/ Dodd-Frank - All items provided shall be traceable and compliant with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act as amended; The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to add Section 13(p), which directs the Commission to issue rules requiring certain companies to disclose their use of “conflict minerals” if those minerals are “necessary to the functionality or production of a product” manufactured by those companies or contracted by those companies to be manufactured.  Under Section 1502, the term “conflict minerals” includes tantalum, tin, gold, or tungsten. Congress enacted Section 1502 because of concerns that the exploitation and trade of conflict minerals by armed groups is helping to finance conflict in the DRC region and is contributing to an emergency humanitarian crisis.


VPOR-100)    All articles delivered under this Purchase Order must be in compliance with the requirements of DFARS 252.225-7014. Alt. 1 which states in part that specialty metals incorporated into articles delivered be melted in the United States or a "qualifying country" within the meaning of the Regulation.


VPOR-101)   This is a rated order DO-A2 for National Defense use and you are required to follow all the provisions of the defense priorities and allocation systems regulation 15 CFR 700.


VPOR-102)   All articles delivered under this Purchase Order must be in compliance with RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) regulations limit or ban specific substances.


VPOR-103)    Product is for Rolls-Royce "End Use"


VPOR-104)    Product is for PWA "End Use"


VPOR-105)    Product is for GE "End Use"


VPOR-106)    Product is for Raytheon "End Use"


VPOR-107)    Product is for Goodrich "End Use"


VPOR-110)    Product end use is “Un-Known”


VPOR-120)    Pressure retaining use. Mill producing material must be approved by ATS. Approved Mills can be viewed at: ATS PED MILS 02 10 2014.xlsx